School Tutoring Services

We pride ourselves in catering for all subject areas and all types of learners. We specialise in Primary School English and Mathematics with a focus on developing fundamental skills which can be adapted to other curriculum areas. We also specialise in High School subjects to support student’s to achieve their
goals and career aspirations. All sessions and subject areas are closely aligned to the Australian National Curriculum outcomes for each year level. Below is a list of subjects we can accommodate.

Primary School Mathematics
Fractions, Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Statistics and Probability, Problem Solving, etc. We relate topics to real world mathematics and also focus on using open ended questioning to promote reasoning skills for our clients.

Primary School Literacy
Phonics, Spelling Strategies, Comprehension Strategies, Reading, Sentence Structure, Writing, NAPLAN Preparation, Vocabulary, and more.

High School Subjects
Mathematics (Essential, General, Methods and Specialist), English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Psychology and Research Project. Throughout sessions we embed the importance of time management, goal setting, test preparation and much more.

Language Tutoring Services

We offer 7 different languages as part of our language tutoring services with a highly qualified Language tutor with more than 15 years’ experience. We have programs which start at a basic level through to advanced programs. We also offer session by session tutoring to suit busy lifestyles. Languages included are: French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, English and Arabic.

Level 1
Focus on Basic Sentence structure and pronunciation.

Level 2
Enriching vocabulary and using alternative ways of communication.

Level 3
Focus on fluency and confidence.

Level 4
Public speaking and high level of communication.

We can accommodate individual, pair and small group sessions for language tutoring. Please contact us for pair and group prices. For more information about availability of tutors and curriculum areas please contact us.

Business Tutoring Services

Complete Tutoring Solutions provides businesses with a range of services which assist to improve staff morale, productivity and increase performance. Sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of your business from on-site tutoring with medium sized groups to one-to-one sessions at home. Services include:

Customer Service skills
Further study to improve knowledge
Improve Literacy and Numeracy skills
Language Tutoring to improve communication skills between employees and customers
And much more

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