Primary School Tutoring

Primary School Tutoring in Mathematics

Maintaining basic skills acquired during the elementary years is essential as students move towards more advanced computational, place value and fractional concepts. As students move from elementary to secondary mathematics, it is important that students maintain skills mastered.

Not every child has the same interest and caliber towards different subjects and this scenario particularly fits well with maths. Some kids battle all the year round to comprehend some of they math coursework. Also, teachers in a conventional classroom can’t moderate the flow of the instructions as per the caliber of each and every child, so there may be times when your child feels left behind in the classroom. In addition, when pupils start taking mathematics classes like geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus, things suddenly get more complicated.

Hiring a private math tutor to offer extra instructions and help the youngster handle the material in the coursework can help the child make up for lost time with his classmates and adequately pass their class.

Improve your child’s math skills with top quality primary school tutoring mathematics services offered by Complete Tutoring Solutions.

Our goal is to significantly increase you child’s math skills, understanding of math concepts and overall school performance while building confidence and forging a positive attitude towards the subject.

Complete Tutoring Solutions have Mathematics professionals and expert tutors who can help your child to:

1) Develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and an appreciation of both its practical and its aesthetic aspects.
2) Develop problem-solving abilities and a facility for the application of mathematics to everyday life.
3) Use mathematical language effectively and accurately.
4) Acquire an understanding of mathematical concepts and processes to his/her appropriate level of development and ability.
5) Acquire proficiency in fundamental mathematical skills and in recalling basic number facts.

All of our Mathematics Tutors are fully-qualified teachers: subject-specialists, professional, energetic and up-to-date with the current demands of a changing curriculum and the various examination boards.

Complete Tutoring Solutions offer Mathematics as a private tuition for all ages and levels to the highest standard. Our tutors aim to provide a non-stressful, supportive environment, working at their own pace and time, so that the pupil can learn and build their confidence in mathematics and related topics.


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Primary School Literacy

Literacy is an essential life skill that every student must possess to do well in school and in their future lives. The fundamental skills of literacy include: reading, writing and listening. Literacy equips students for current and future learning and for participation in the workforce in the society. Literacy also provides access to personal and material enrichment through further education, training and skilled employment.

Generally, primary school pupils have the right to quality literacy teaching that gives them the best chance to achieve their potentials as learners. However, many pupils arrive to secondary school without the literacy and language skills the need to succeed.

Complete Tutoring Solutions tutors provide one-to-one private tutoring to help your child with literacy and the language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Our experts are professionals in all crucial aspects of literacy including grammar, spellings, phonics, comprehension strategies, reading, sentence structure, writing, vocabulary, punctuation, speaking, listening and NAPLAN preparation.

Our literacy experts are experienced professionals readily available to provide top quality literacy tutoring to your children at all levels.

Reasons why Complete Tutoring Solutions provide the best literacy services

Our approach is unique and just the best you can imagine.

1)  Reading involves recognising words automatically, reading in the phrase and fluent in the way and navigating text to create a meaning. Our tutor experts impart in school children the ability to accurately and effortlessly decode written words to figure out new words in the text through appropriate phrasing. Our expert tutors help children learn at least four approaches to decoding which include:

Focusing on the meaning – semantics.

Relating sounds to letters – phonics.

Looking at how words and phrases are formed – syntax.

Recognising sight words – visual.

Our experts are good at training children on how to focus on the meaning, relate sounds to letters, look at how words and phrases are formed, recognise sight words and how to use multiple cues.

2) Comprehension involves responding to, interpreting, analysing and evaluating the text. Some children pronounce words correctly and read with apparent ease, but don’t know the meaning of what they have read. our tutor experts teach students how to apply specific comprehension strategies to aid their comprehension, particularly with regards to challenging texts/information. For example, using strategies such as the K-W-L approach to help children understand what they read. The K-W-L approach includes the following steps:

K – What I know.
Help the child list what he already knows about a topic that is discussed in a book he is going to read.
W – What I want to know.
Help the child think of some questions he has about this topic and add them to the chart.
L – What I learned or still need to learn.
Explain that while he reads the book – alone or with you – he can think about what he is learning. After the reading, discuss the book and add what was learned to the chart along with any information he still needs to learn.

3) Vocabulary involves understanding the meaning of spoken and written words, using words to create and understand text. Vocabulary is fundamental to reading comprehension. Our tutors help your children to develop interest wide reading.

4) Writing involves using spellings, grammar and hand writing to create texts for a specific purpose. Accurate spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and grammar are essential to making meaning through writing. We help students to improve and develop these writing skills.

5) Speaking involves communicating with others, verbalising thought processes and articulating sounds in words. Our tutor experts explicitly and systematically teach students how to speak and listen and provide time for students to revisit, practise, apply and extend their oral language skills.

6) Phonics involves making the connection between sounds and letters when reading and spelling. We train students to link knowledge of spoken language to knowledge of written language so that they may become proficient readers.

High School Subjects

High school is a critical phase in the lives of students since it expects them to get ready for college through good scores and through preparation for standardised tests. Students need to sharpen their subject skills and focus on their studies with serious efforts for success in the end.

Complete Tutoring Solutions have expert tutors who offer professional tutoring and coaching services to remediate struggling students in senior high school.

Generally, some science topics in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics are mind-boggling for students if the lack proper subject skills.

Complete Tutoring Solutions expert tutors provide one-one attention to your child in subjects like Mathematics (essential, general, methods and specialist), English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Psychology and Research Project. The small amount of time and cost could show up in large amounts of success, which is very important for your child’s growth and homework.

Help with homework, math and other high school subject, focusing, test taking and essay writing are some reasons why your high school aged child might benefit from a private tutor.

Our experts match students with their ideal tutor based on their individual needs. They also focus on your child’s curriculum, assignments and homework.

Our expert tutors address and expand upon fundamental concepts and teach your child how to apply these concepts to current and changing problems, thus preparing your child for ongoing academic and future career success.

Our tutors also help your child prioritise learning by teaching new study habits and organisational skills, which in turn maximises learning potential.

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